January 2010

Constellations is an object book designed to provide an interactive way to learn about the different constellations. The reader chooses a constellation card from the deck and slides it into the slit in the top of the box. By looking through the slit and pointing the box towards a light source the shape of the constellation will be illuminated inside the box.

Cardstock, wood, acrylic paint.

The Stars You See When You Close Your Eyes
November 2012

Flipbook designed to illustrate and animate the phenomenon of the colours and lights you see when pressure is applied to closed eyelids. This is called “phosphenes” and occurs naturally.

Printed on post-consumer cardstock. Perfect bind.

Cherry Cerise
November 2012

Designed as a poetic journal of the french/english bilingual cherry picking experience that happens every summer in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

Printed on post-consumer cardstock. Cover made out of recycled birch bark and hemp rope. Accordion bind.

Glossary: Book Arts
December 2012

A-Z Glossary of terms which relate to the field of book arts. The book is designed in a way so you may flip the book like a flipbook to reach a certain letter in the alphabet.

Printed on post consumer paper. Perfect bound.

The Genesis Of Geometry
December 2012

Book box consisting of two books. The Flower Of Life is a flipbook depicting the popular geometric pattern found within nature. The second book, The Genesis of Geometry illustrates the most basic pattern within the flower of life; the seed of life. This primordial pattern is often believed to be the underlying geometric pattern that all living things share.

Book board, mylar, cardstock. Perfect bound.